Obsidian Kingdoms

Uncertainty in shadowfell keep

Slowly we entered the ruined Keep, a set of rough cut stairs leading down to double doors made it appear if the whole keep had just been swallowed by the Earth.
Upon entering we dispatched a couple of goblins and begin our exploration.
We were not far in to the network of tunnels when the floor opened up and our warrior Krusk fell into a pit dug as what appeared to crude trap.
Further into the tunnels we discovered a strange room with goblins excavating under the supervision of a bug creature. The battle was rough and forced most of the party to fully exert themselves; while the battle was tough we ultimately won and set up a rough camp for several hours before we continued.
As we moved along the passages we where stumbled upon some giant rats, and large Cube Jelly, and finally a large family of bugs. The bugs proved to be the toughest opponents so far and we retreated back to the excavation room to set up camp for another rest.
We were sent here to look for a Death Cult operating in the area planning to open a rift to unleash death upon the region. Up to now we have found nothing but bugs and goblins….
“We have been exploring this place for almost half a day and we have seen no evidence of a cult, just bugs and goblins digging around a ruin. NoBeard have you seen anything that would point to this place being a cult for the undead? And what say you mage, have you any idea if this is even the true Shadow Fell keep?”  Krusk asks angrily as he bars the door leading into the room being used as a base of operations.
 NoBeard – “So far I have seen nothing to indicate that the cult we seek has wiped it’s foul taint upon this place, but something or someone has.  I doubt these creatures gather here because the rents cheap and it has a farmers market krusk. The note we found mentioned the opening of a rift which I fear is the source of this infestation.  Rest now for who knows what we may still find behind closed doors.”
 Krusk – “Bah, these creatures are merely looking for a place to stay dry. If there were a cult mucking about this place we would have seen signs or symbols or something… Oh don’t look at me like that Moondream, I’m not complaining I love bashing goblin and bug skulls in but we have not found much yet for our trouble. You heard the goblins they have been digging for weeks and not found any thing. Bah! I’ll be over hear guarding the door.”
Moondream   "WHAT! I didn’t look at you like nothing! Stop trying to read my mind, you half orc ha! like you even could if you tried!" Curls back around her panther using him as a pillow.  Trying to think back across the lifetimes, “I wonder what my ancestors know of this place….”
Nethalyn- " I smell like jelly"
Nobeard- “that’s super neth…”

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